Total Hash: 0.0MH/s Round Shares: 904336 Round Time: 1739:58 difficulty: 874.07
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System running,will give 3 LTC bonus to block finder of round 49 is a LiteCoin pool. LiteCoin mining allows you to make money with your computer (even when you are AFK), and pooled mining helps you to get a faster payouts.

How to start
  1. Register account
  2. Download Client
  3. Download any of this LiteCoin miners
  4. Start the miner ( How to start )
  5. Put your LiteCoin address into your profile
  6. Relax for a day, get a payment, convert your LiteCoin to Bitcoin on a market

Our advantages
  • Long Polling support
  • automatic and instant payout support
  • 2% Fee!
  • How does LiteCoin pool work?
    reward was given
    50(LTC)*0.98* (shares submited by user's workers) / (total shares in current round)
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