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Dating Sites that Accept Bitcoin

Bitcoin is a breakthrough in the world of virtual currency. If more than ten years ago, Bitcoin was only the concept of means of payment, now it's the official form of payment used by many companies. Although the percentage of transactions with Bitcoin is quite low in comparison with traditional payment systems, this cryptocurrency has a big future. Implementation of a new form of payment is a step towards being more up-to-date and convenient for clients.
International online dating services are a good solution for lonely people who can't meet someone in real life or simply have no time for it. There are lots of them, and not all services are paid. Those who have no money to pay for a subscription may use free ones, such as Ashley Madison. It's also effective in helping people to find their love. But if you have Bitcoins, you may choose one of the following ones and go search for your second half.


This dating service doesn't only accept Bitcoin as a payment method. It's focused on Bitcoin. Apart from the fact that you search your second half here, you may find the person with the same interests. It's like two in one. Your spouse may become your business associate in trading or buying cryptocurrency. Moreover, it guarantees that you won't be embarrassed and feel awkward because of the absence of things to talk about. You may find useful links to trustworthy exchanges on this website, that's undoubtedly the advantage.

This world-famous website was founded in 2006 and had more than 200 million users. It became popular because of its convenience and the existence of a useful mobile app that lets people find singles near them. The main and the most necessary option are free, but those who want to extend the functionality may pay money and see who's visited their page, who's liked it, and so on. In 2015, the company announced that it would start accepting cryptocurrency.


Even the main page states that it's Bitcoin powered website, and it's better to use it from mobile devices. It's still under development, so no wonder if you notice an interruption in the work of the service. Besides, it can't boast of various matchmaking algorithms and the function to find the person near you. Everything is simple: you look through profiles and like people. If likes match, the system will notify you and your potential spouse, and you may start communication.


Its American-based dating service, launched in 2003. The number of active users is about 30 million. Those who register there should answer several questions to let the system find perfect matches. Since 2013 all users can pay for additional services using Bitcoin. By the way, it's possible to use OkCupid without paying money. Pay for a premium subscription if you want to enjoy some interesting features.


The distinctive feature of this service is the definite target audience. Luxy was launched in 2014 and started accepting Bitcoin in 2018. The users of this service are mainly millionaires, celebrities, and members of the high society. To register on it, a person should have at least 200 thousand dollars of monthly income.